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June 22, 2011



Brent, I don't see the need for KC to develop a trolley system in the core. KCATA has a nicely developed bus system. With limited resources, a commuter line out to the outer reaches of the metro seems a better investment.


Kevin -- I don't disagree that a commuter line is probably the more important issue -- if for no other reason to open up the opportunity people who live in the inner city to have access to jobs outside of the city (and obviously for commuters also).

But here's the problem. There has been resistence to putting in commuter lines without having a fixed system in place once the commuter gets to KC. It's one thing to get them to the River Market or Union Station, but quite another to get them somewhere else once they get there.

While the Max line serves this purpose, having something fixed and permanent is important for the commuter lines to develop so people know it will "always" be there. This is why a fixed rail system in the city center is important....plus fixed rail has proven to do much more to encourage density around the line than bus systems -- which makes sure there are a lot more jobs along the line once commuters get here.

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