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May 03, 2011



On the upside, you've now got a mayor living in your neighborhood, now. :)


Interestingly, that was on of my biggest downsides on Sly. He apparently lives in my neighborhood, but I had never met him until he announced he was running for mayor. I'm involved enough that it seems like if he were at all involved, we would have met.

Kyle Rohde

Good summary of the Funk's legacy - I wonder what it would take for the city to give the Mayor more power, since it seems like KC has a bit of a unique power structure that doesn't seem to help us.


It's a good question Kyle. I'm not sure what it would take (or even, for sure, if I think it would be a good thing). Having a mayor that shows they are worthy of increased power would be a good start.


To quote my teenage daughter, Mayor Funkhouser was an "epic fail." How the residents of this city ever thought that an academic performance auditor with the people and political skills of a rock would make a good Mayor is beyond me. We keep hearing that he was a good auditor and, yet, his years of inside experience seemed to have been wasted. He really wasn't effective as an auditor. If he had been, the City wouldn't have been the mess it was when he took office. Unfortunately, it was even more dysfunctional when he left office.

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