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April 03, 2011



thank you for the thoughtful analysis and using logic instead of emotions. if someone made a commercial using your reasoning, I would find it hard to object to.


Rereading this post after the vote... I agree that the next 5 years should be spent looking for alternatives to the eTax, but as for your plan I think I must be misreading it. Are you saying that counties in Kansas (counties that KCMO doesn't extend into) should be funneling sales tax dollars to KCMO? I don't think that is even possible, let alone probable. How would that work? And if it were possible, what incentives do those other counties have for implementing your plan?


Mark -- it can be done, and has before. About 13 years ago they passed a bi-state sales tax that put money toward revitalizing Union Station (the alternative was tearing it down). We tried one other time with the stadium renovations but a poor plan was voted down.

So it's not impossible...although maybe improbable. That said, I do think that many Johnson Countians understand the importance of a vibrant core to the city - the importance of having things like a major airport, a secondary airport (which are most commonly used for Fed Ex/UPS), a major convention center and sports teams (and yes, I'd be open to including the Speedway and LiveStrong stadium as part of the plan). I think that if you passed a sales tax (this was how the money was collected for Union Station) that only went into effect if the eTax was repealed, you would have some leverage to get it passed. This would essentially spread the tax burden away from those who already pay it to the others in the county...and would help insure that we kept these regional amenities. I think it would show a bit of "good faith" from KCMO that we haven't always deserved.

There may be other options out there, and surely a group of smart people could come up with some pretty good ideas -- I just fear that no one wants to even have the discussion or acknowledge that things are very flawed with the current system.

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