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February 03, 2011


Mo Rage

Whitey says:

"But there just isn't anymore racism... There's no problems... I don't know what they have to complain about."

Hyde Park Joe

I've long thought that we should tax based on infrastructure, not market value. Taxing by market value means that housing is self sorting by class. It's a system put in place when segregation was still legal. Jim Crow era housing paterns never needed overt racism to survive. They're self perpetuating.


Clear as day, isn't it?

What's really remarkable is until the 1950s, the formally segregated parts of the city were overlayed with the Jewish community. Example: the Jewish temple was at 25th and benton (now Macedonia Baptist Church).

Also, I happened onto a copy of the 1948 green book. I went to the trouble of transcribing the black-owned businesses (auto shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, drug stores, tailors, gas stations, etc) by location and address into google earth. It's amazing how vibrant the black community was once upon a time.

But I digress. Segregation is still here, and clear as day to anyone who does not simply look the other way.

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