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January 20, 2011


Eric Sundquist

This was a very well put-together summary of the forum. I wanted to attend but had another engagement. I appreciate that you had positive things to say about most...even the Funk.


Thanks Eric. I think each brings a little something different to the table. There are a couple that aren't what I'm loking for in my next mayor, but to each their own...

PAMM - People Against Masquerading Mayors

Deb Hermann is going to do exactly what city staff and Jan Marcason tell her to do. Geez, I would have thought those two were dating based on the love fest and googley eyes going on during the forum - eye rolling while the other candidates speak isn't going to win you any votes. It just reminds everyone that the city council had as much to do with the circus that's gone on for the last 4 years as the Mayor has.

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