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December 16, 2010


bill kostar

This is an excellent piece and very accurately describes a holistic approach to curbing crime and violence that might actually have some chance of success. Approaching the issue this way is far more complicated, difficult, and long-term than the usual superficial "programs" that are touted, but the approach is much more organic and realistic and likely to succeed.
We're trying something similar in the neighborhood around Rockhurst where Nelson Hopkins' son was murdered late last year and we're already having some positive results. Take a look at www.operationpromiselandkc.org.
We all need to be in this together.

Hyde Park Joe

"The city must also look at a very detailed housing policy that will help break up heavy concentrations of low-income housing."

I completely agree with you that the concentration of poverty needs to be broken up. What nobody is talking is that our housing system is self-sorting. By taxing based on market value we create a situation where spending significant money in a neighborhood martials a force that drives out the poor.

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