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July 25, 2010



You have a great perspective on this. Ultimately, the goal is an informed citizenry, and I'd love nothing more than for the Star to have all the news resources it could possibly want. Unfortunately, corporate economics makes that unlikely.


Ha ha, your innocence is so pronounced it's almost funny. But I'll explain it for you:

No mainstream media outlet pays much attention to ANY blog around here for three reasons:

1. They're idiots (case in point: Tony, Dan Ryan).

2. They have narrowly focused personal agendas (case in point: Tony, you).

3. They cover shit nobody gives a fuck about (case in point: everybody).

Let's take housing along Armour Boulevard for example. There's a HOT BUTTON topic for you! Something about ten people care about at the moment. That's why it's relegated to "later in the week" status. It's just not that important OR that interesting.

Sum total: Get over yourself. Seriously.

I come here to read you and fucking laugh.


1) Your comments appear to be completely untrue given the common-ness of the mainstream media picking up stories that blogs break 3 days prior.

2) What a shame that no one supposedly cares about low income housing and murders happening in it in this city. Maybe that's been part of the problem and it's about time someone addresses it instead of just being cool with another poor person being shot on Armour.

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