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April 19, 2010



...So sad. It's such a beautiful building, too.


Brent, I noticed TKC is claiming (as usual) you're all about gentrification because you happen to live in Hyde Park and care about the neighborhood and city.

What really gets me about his asinine commentary is that those buildings were once at the pinnacle of Kansas City society. It isn't as if anyone is advocating for their destruction or the repopulation of the area exclusively by white folks. We're just saying a ghetto is a ghetto whether it covers 10 blocks or 10 stories. Either way, it is detrimental to everyone in the city and especially those in the neighborhood.

And sure, maybe it hurts a little worse to see a once proud KC Boulevard marred by such destitution and violence.

Thanks for keeping us informed about this. You really are a fantastic resource regarding this area of town.


Thanks smh.

I of course saw TKC's comments, but it's important to note that I don't support these types of project-based Section 8 establishments anywhere. Not in my neighborhood, or in anyone elses.

We are federally subsidizing a place where people have to live in fear who have no option on where else to go. If it ever gets too bad, I'll pack my things and move to another part of the city (as many have done over the years). The people in these buildings don't have that option.

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