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April 07, 2010




I share your concerns over the potential negative impacts these school closures may have on Kansas City's neighborhoods, especially the fragile ones. There will need to be a solid strategy for determining what to do with these properties and how to do it. As for the prospect that developers will seek public incentives for the reuse of some of these properties, I guess I'm okay with that. These properties aren't generating any tax revenues now, so allowing a developer to capture any new revenues through either a TIF or tax abatement isn't really costing the public anything.


the later part of this comment left by insidebub is really dumb. whereas neighborhoods should be concerned about what happens with these buildings the idea of automatically giving incentives to developers to develop the buildings is a little irresponsible. these buildings have some worth to someone who might be interested in developing them. If they dont then the school district should tear them down and let the market decide what the next highest and best use is. i dont condone leaving these bldgs empty for a long time but if no one is willing to buy them at what the market ultimately decides (and I am certainly not condoning the school district to hold on to these properties so that they can get a price that the market is not willing to pay) then the school district needs to tear them down. with a school district that has lost millions of tax revenue because of ideas like insidebubs that if you arent earning the taxes now any potential to earn them in the future isnt really a loss to you is stupid. this is the same con job that developers have played on the city for years - costing the city (and school district) millions of dollars in lost tax revenue; revenue needed to cover the costs of all the increased services development typically generates and demands from cities, schools, counties, libraries, etc. the school district needs to aggressively market these sites and sell to the highest bidder with the next highest and best use. if no one shows up to buy, like I said, tear them down, grow some grass and you will probably have a more marketable and valuable piece of land. the last thing they should do is listen to people like insidebub.

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