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April 01, 2010


Midtown Skeptic

I'm inclined not to get my hopes up. It was clear early in the Sprint Center's life that teams were using the threat of moving to KC to extort new facilities out of other cities. We should play hard to get. Frivolous offers might drop off then Anschutz and KC could focus their efforts on serious offers.



I agree with your skepticism. I never believed the Penguins were moving here when that came up last year. We were clearly being used. The Coyotes are different though -- this is a team that is ripe for relocation -- as they are currently dead last in attendence and have been in the bottom 3 for three years running (in spite of the team being very successful). Their current stadium location is not condusive to success in a market that, in spite of being large, is older and hispanic (neither of which is Hockey's core audience). They do need to move. I don't think this deal will probably happen, but this is exatly the type of offer we should be pursuing.

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