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February 09, 2010


severe hypertension

Do people realize we are all animals or is there a documented belief
that humans are not animals?


I was just out at this shelter yesterday. Grant you this is the first time I've been there and if this is much improved over what it was then I would have died if I saw that. This place still has a long way to go in the sanitation dept as it just stinks to high heaven both inside and out! There is no place to walk the dogs and if I were a potential adopter I would be very turned off at the shape of this shelter. Kansas City should be ashamed of itself with so many smaller cities around here getting nice new shelter facilities!


Yes, unfortunately, the shelter is still not doing everything right and has a LONG way to go to be a well-run shelter. They do allow volunteers though which is helping some of the animals get out alive.

Make no mistake, basic cleanliness isn't something that requires a new shelter -- it requires the folks at the shelter to do their jobs and do the basic cleaning that is required of them doing their jobs.


Oh yes, I agree that proper sanitation doesn't require a new shelter and requires that the shelter employees do their job. However, they don't appear to be doing a good job which makes me really question the vet that is managing this kennel. Where is his oversight in all of this? Who's evaluating his performance and what is he being evaluated on? I hope it's not just that more animals are getting adopted because I think that is due largely to THE volunteers and rescue groups getting animals out of there! Do the council members ever just show up unannounced to check the place out? I think I know the answer to that question.


I agree that the current shelter management isn't doing as good of a job as they could be. And I also agree that for the most part, at this point, they are having a lot of success because of the volunteers -- but keep in mind, under city control, they had no volunteers, so none of the animals were making it out alive.

I completely think that they city has taken the right step with allowing a private group to manage the shelter -- I think it's a definite improvement over how it was under city control. But I do think they would be wise to look for alternatives to who to manage the shelter for them, because I don't think the current management is doing a good job (or nearly as good as they could be).

I think there are several other organizations out there who might be interested in managing the shelter that would do a far better job....and I think we should push them and the city to partner to make the shelter the best it can be and not settle for something 2nd (or 3rd) rate.

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