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November 15, 2009



Good post. I don't agree with many of your positions, but you've done a bang-up job here.


I don't think your critics have a genuine interest in the residents of the apt buildings. They will hate on anyone with aspirations to make their neighborhood a better place. If you and your neighbors have a plan to make Hyde Park a safer place to live, go for it. If you also benefit financially, all the better.


Thanks Al. I think that's what make the internet great is that there can be a wide variety of opinions and we don't have to all agree -- it makes for better solutions.

On this one, I just don't see how anyone can look at what is going on here and think this is the best possible solution. We may disagree on what the solution should be, but defending what is going on here is almost impossible.



This is not a City government issue only. The low-income housing tax credits (lihtc) used to partially finance the rehab of these apartment buildings are actually awarded by the Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC), not the City or even HUD. I think you will find the MHDC's process and criteria actually reward developers that concentrate as many affordable housing units as possible into low-income Census tracts - and, to make it worse, basically penalize developers who try to disperse those units into other areas. Due to the difficulty of making these projects work, developers will follow the path of least resistance to the money they need for their projects.


That's a good point, insideBub.

However, does the MHDC incent development intentionally in low income census block areas, or in buildings themselves- stacking section 8 exclusively throughout 8 floors of an apartment bldg?

Big difference.

But your point is well taken, and I think most of us need a Section 8 101 class to understand who does what to whom.



I think it may be more complicated than that. HUD essentially granted the money for rehabilitating the buildings and refurbishing them. I know that MHDC has a role in the funds, but am not sure how much. Both entities are blaming KCMO for HAVING to renew the buildings because we didn't have a comprehensive plan for where people could move if we broke up the buildings. With 300 units that all came up at one time, the couldn't get rid of 250 of them without having other opportunities open up -- which they couldn't, without a detailed housing plan. It's been a mess trying to navigate with all parties having a role in this, but all pointing their finger at someone else for being responsible. But it is my understanding that without a detailed housing plan by the city, they don't have the power to push HUD and MHDC to do anything different -- and yes, the developers are rewarded with GOBS of money to take the path of least resistance.

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