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September 14, 2009



Our city leaders don't give a shit about anything that goes on outside of Downtown, the Plaza and Brookside. They're worried about serving beer past 1am at our neighborhood bars!? THIS HAPPENED AT 5:30 ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON!

Dustin Decker

I live in the Newbern Apartments... SAME LOCATION, THIS MORNING within 10 yards of the Sunday homicide, I came upon a man born in '63 who had been assaulted and was laying in the sidewalk. His nose was clearly broken, and his sunglasses had been destroyed by the attack. I dialed 911, and a police officer arrived about 7 minutes later. While on the phone with the 911 operator, she dialed MAST and waited AT LEAST 2 minutes for them to answer the phone.

When 911 isn't getting an answer, something is broken. I'll see you all tonight at Central Presbyterian.

Brent Toellner


Bring friends and neighbors from the Newbern. We need this to not just be the Hyde Park home owners, but we need the renters as well. The amount of violence there has increased dramatically -- and it all is hubbed around the large concentrations of Section 8 housing. Since the government created this problem by consolidating it there, it's going to take government action to undo the problem they created.

Christopher Padgett

Me and my boyfriend were just jumped by a gang of 12-15 individuals right out front of our apartment at the 600 block of Armour across from the Windemere. We were walking home and was an obvious hate crime due to the fact we are gay. Now we don't feel safe here and feel held "hostage" as the grandmother stated also.

A seventeen year old boy was shot and killed right outside our window on the same corner witch we live (Armour and Cherry) a week ago Sunday. I'm looking at his flowers are hung on the street light for his memorial.

This has got to stop! We don't want to move, but feel that we should due to all the violence right outside our steps! We don't even feel safe inside, for they could easily kick in any one of these doors.

The police are out all the time, how come we cant get the thugs and criminals off the streets quick enough?

We would love to help with a voice...

Brent Toellner


That's not the first hate incident I've heard of this type similar to yours.

If you aren't currently a part of the Hyde Park neighborhood association,you should definitely join -- as they are the major active voice in this. No one deserves what is happening along these blocks...and it won't change if citizens don't get very involved.

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