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June 08, 2009




Change doesn't always mean progress.

I'm sure Kansas City didn't have to pay millions for those parking lots, in fact, they probably brought in healthy amount of tax money and didn't discriminate.


Here's another "before" picture for you...


Brent Toellner

In all fairness Tony, yes, we provided TIF for the project -- but most of that was on revenue that didn't exist before (although, it could be argued that some of that TIF isn't "new" taxes, but displaced, it doesn't take much wandering around in the P&L to realize that most of the people down there don't live in KCMO).

So it's costing us several million to make up ths shortfall. I would say that we have more than made up for that in the number of jobs (thus e-tax), hotel room bookings, etc. I could be wrong.

Either way, trying to lure businesses to Kansas City requires something for us to sell....and wow, looking at ScooterJ's pic doesn't "sell" me as a reason I should move my company to KC.

I think overall it's a huge improvement over where we were. Yes, the racial tensions of the area need to get fixed. And yes, we need to get all of the storefronts filled so we can increase the tax revenue and thus, the taxpayers being on the hook for it. But block after block of surface parking lots in the middle of the city's downtown was a good recipe for us to get in the state of neglect this city saw for 25 years following the mid-70s.

This is unquestionably a step in the right direction...although definitely still working through some hurdles.

Brent Toellner

Wow Scooter. Thanks for posting that. That tells an even more dire story for the area circa 2003.

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