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April 05, 2009



Why is it that KCPL did not have to do anything to mitigate the placement. Look at your picture. You can barely get around it on the sidewalk. They should have been required to do a streetscape and curb bump outs to accommodate these monstrous poles. And the city didn't even make a fuss.


No kidding Robyne. And by "city didn't even make a fuss" I assume you mean that one 4th district city council member allowed their assistent to handle it (because it was "her neighborhood), another didn't bother to show up at the meetings, and neither of the 3rd district city council members (who's district the lines are almost entirely in) didn't show.

Chris in Midtown

These power lines most definitely are a deterrent to improving things on Troost. These structures give an unbelievably bad visual effect, and power lines mean EMFs, which even the NIH has found to have serious adverse health effects. Why would anyone open a business or build residential underneath these things when there is plenty of available space throughout KC? Power lines are among the most undesirable pieces of infrastructure there are. Most cities prohibit them in residential and commercial neighborhoods. KC prohibits them downtown, but not in the neighborhoods. So not only do we get stuck with the tab for the P&L District, Sprint Center, H&R Block Building, etc., we also get stuck with the 30 block long extension cord feeding power to them.

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