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April 08, 2009



So in Leavenworth Animal Control is under the Police Department? I've often wondered why we don't do the same in KC.


Yeah -- a lot of cities do this -- especially many of the smaller communities. In many cities, they used to have the police out there to enforce animal control policies before they had an animal control. When they decided they needed specific enforcement of animal control laws, they had the one or two ACOs report in to the police. Other cities end up having animal control run through their neighborhoods department (likely formed because of concerns about stray dogs) or their city health departments (likely formed when the rabies was the concern).

There are pros and cons to all sides. I think there are clearly economies in the dispatching system if it is rolled up under the police. However, I've seen a lot of cases where reporting to police creates more of an emphasis on punishing pet owners than looking out for the welfare of the animals -- which ends up being bad for animals.

But at the end of the day, an animal control department can be properly or improperly managed regardless of who they report into.

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