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March 17, 2009



We can continue to work/hope. This is basically what I imagine for KC.

David SB

This is one of the most accurate perspectives I've heard from an out-of-town visitor about our new light rail line and its relationship to the communities around it. Thanks for an intelligent post. I recently visited KC for the first time and was impressed with everything going on there. Light rail would make the city even better, just as it has done here.


Thanks David. I'm really intrigued when visiting other places of what they are doing to stimulate growth in their downtowns. Most cities are seeing the need to build (or rebuild) density in their central business district because the sprawl has become economically unmanageable. However, Phoenix is pretty unique in that it was a city almost entirely built around the automobile. We were visiting some friends out there who were able to point out some of the changes that have happened already along the line -- and it's pretty impressive how many new restaurants and bars have gone in recently...and I think it's fun that there are websites (like yours) dedicated to entertainment options along the route.

If light rail can succeed in a place like Phoenix, which is so completely auto-centric, I think it can succeed anywhere...

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You have to be very careful about making turns. There have been several car/light rail accidents already. They made it against the law to make certain turns too.

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I live in Phoenix. Once gas prices begin climbing again ridership will increase more. They need this thing to be valleywide though. It still misses lots of outlying cities.

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The Phoenix area voted down light rail 15 years ago or so. It would have made alot of sense to do it then before all this growth happened. They would have planned for it better that way.


I'm chuckling at these responses. While the responses are valid in and of themselves, it does appear as if the attorney and insurance businesses are slow for you all to be commenting on a blog based out of Kansas City. At least the backruptcy attorney should be busy....

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Brent, you are correct in your observation about Phoenix. It's such a spread out area. Modes of transportation such as light rail are just ingrained into the habits of people in Phoenix. Maybe eventually....

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One evening after attending a Suns game I took an improper turn (did not realize it as I rarely go downtown) and a cop stopped me quickly. They really watch traffic around these rail lines.

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I sure hope ridership continues. The rail is not a cheap method of transportation and the state needs to ensure (somehow) it remains a viable way to transport people.

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Hopefully we will have enough riders to justify the cost.

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I like the idea of one between Phoenix and Tucson

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