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March 27, 2009



I would bet KC would score much higher if we were more successful at attracting retail back into the urban core. The East Side and Old Northeast have a very walkable urban form, but lack many destinations like grocery stores, shops, pharmacies, etc.

Not only do we have large areas of unwalkable development, but also large areas of walkable development that simply lack places worth walking to.



I completely agree. In fact, the 3 areas that scored the best reflect this -- because they rely on the retail on the Plaza, Westport and 39th Street areas.

The Plaza is a bit of a different area, but Westport and 39th Street should be the lead examples for areas like Troost, Independence Ave and others on attracting retail that is worth going to.

Where did these areas succeed? What can we do to encourage local entrepreneurs to open up businesses in these areas? Take away things like parking restrictions that make it difficult? Pressure owners of empty, unused buildings to actually sell that property to people who intend to use it? Provide incentives for locally owned small businesses?

I'm not 100% sure what the answer is...

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