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January 05, 2009



Great theory but, the killers and the killed all seem to be from only two zip codes in third district. It is not where the population is growing and the racial make up of those involved would show more of a spread if your theory was correct. The reality is that alternatives do not exist or are not perceived, and there is not a viable intervention process in Kansas City. Read the Kansas City Task Force report and then come back with the truth.


The two primary zip codes of concern would be 64127 and 64128.

64127 has actually seen it's population increase from 20,831 in 2000 to 21,232 in 2007. Not a huge increase, but one nonetheless. It should also be noted that the average age in this zip code is VERY young, at 30.7 years as the average age, whereas the state average is 36.1.


64128 has increased from 14,774 in 2000, to 15,059 in 2007. Again, the average age is 34.2 -- which is below the state average.


Certainly there are a lot of factors involved here -- especially race and poverty. However,these have (sadley) remained fairly constant over the past couple of decades. Crime has never had an even distribution throughout the city and has stayed in these poorer neighborhoods. However, violent crime trends have consistently followed population trends over the past 60 years -- even if the crime is not evenly distributed.

We certainly need to work on solving the problem. We need to improve the schools, we need to increase the number of police officers on the streets, we need to improve the job opportunities (or the transit options for people to get to job opportunities). None of this will be possible if we waive our arms in the air saying the sky is falling! and scare people into moving their residences and/or jobs to KCMO. We have to increase the tax base if we are to improve any of those key factors (just raising taxes will have the opposite effect).

If we don't put the increase into perspective, and just waive our arms in the air as if the sky is falling, we will discourage people from moving to the city, keep us from increasing the tax base, and thus, keeping us from being able to help solve the problem.

None of this absolves us from the need to improve the situation...dramatically.



Why don't you go ahead and post "the truth" that you speak of? There is an intervention process going on in Chicago and despite that, their murders increased this year.

Does that mean the intervention process didn't work? No. It means there isn't a silver bullet that is going to fix the problem and we need a hollistic approach. Nowhere is it stated that demographics is the ONLY issue at play.

And based on the overall picture, things are actually improving despite the media fear mongering.

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