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January 28, 2009


Kyle Rohde

Brent - great post, as usual. Personally, I thought the series was some of the best reporting I've seen from the Star in a while. That kind of work is the reason news organizations will never die, even if their paper does. You, or Midtown Miscreant, or Tony's KC might post a news story, a tip or even an insightful post with good data behind it, like this one. But bloggers don't have the time or the access to do journalism like this. No, it wasn't perfect but it was damn good, in my opinion.

I hope your post inspires at least one other person to volunteer. I started being a Big Brother in September and its been fantastic so far. I've got a great little bro, and I've learned a bit about what life is like on the East side and for a young, black male in this city and at school. The scary thing is, I've said to myself on numerous occasions, "how could a kid ever come out of this environment a stable, upstanding citizen?"

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