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January 11, 2009


Eric Rogers

Good news... The new development code will hopefully be approved by Council in the next month or two. The code has no parking requirements in the Loop. Zilch. None. And parking requirements in the Crossroads will be much lower.


Do other cities have less restrictive parking or other codes enforced on new businesses or developments in their downtown area? Eric, that's good news about relaxing the parking restrictions. If it's actually a problem for developers, this should help.



That's great news about loosening the parking restrictions in the downtown loop and the crossroads. I really wish they'd extend it all the way down Main to the Plaza. That will certainly help a lot -- on a variety of fronts....including improving use of public transit, creating density, spurring development, etc.

KCguy, I saw your note on this...and yeah, I'd say having a grocery store need to come up with 127 parking spaces downtown was going to make it cost-prohibitive. You'd have to build a garage for that type of space, which would just double or triple your start-up costs. I've heard more than a few horror stories from small local business owners about the unnecessary hoops they had to jump through in order to open their businesses...parking seemst to be the biggest problem, but not the only one.


Eric, who is spearheading the changes to the parking code? This is fantastic and way over due. Hopefully they will look into other areas so Midtown doesn't turn into a giant sheet of asphalt.


Also, this store is fantastic and the prices seemed in line with other grocery stores. Which is suprising with the amount of overhead they must have. The staff they had on hand was also great and very helpful.

Eric Rogers

The parking code is currently in the Planning and Zoning Committee. It's part of a much bigger project to re-write all of the zoning and development code.

I think overall there will be less parking required. The no parking requirement in the loop will also extend to transit. There will be a certain radius around any MAX (or light rail) station where the parking requirement will be reduced or even eliminated.

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