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December 22, 2008



Brent, thanks for taking the time to put this together. You took the words right out of my mouth.


Interesting idea. The blogosphere has become a very real threat to media outlets because all subjects are covered, usually in depth, by experts or people who intensely study a subject. The comments always add an interesting slant to the stories - you'll note that many online newspapers have a comment facility today, whereas that was unheard-of a few short years ago.

Many newspapers now have 'blogs' done by staff writers as well.

Since the mainstream media have lost credibility with many people due to their often slipshod reporting, the fact that the bias is as strong as it is on blogs but not announced and of course the relentless fear-mongering and sensationalism around what are really everyday aspects of life.

The only way to fix this in my amateur opinion would be to a) pay more for better journalists and reporters; b) stop the concentration of media into fewer and fewer hands; c) insist on fact-checking by actual research staff; d) stop pretending that there are always 'two sides' to any issue, especially when discussing something that is not speculative and e) lose a lot of the 24-hour 'news' channels because that leads to really scraping for stories which puts tremendous pressure on staff and distorts issues.

I'd hate to see the demise of newspapers (either paper or online), just as I have mourned the loss of independent papers and TV stations because somebody needs to be there to keep tabs on what's happening and to report things as accurately as possible.

KC KS Kills Dogs

The Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County area has been served by a local paper since 1921, The Kansas City Kansan.

Like many newspapers these days they have been struggling, even reducing circulation to just 3 days a week within the last 6 months.

No other paper in the area gives adequate coverage to local issues in that area, so it appeared the local coverage on city politics anyway was going to suffer.

Well they just came out with a new format, on-line only. It's really more blog like in format. Check it out http://www.kansascitykansan.com/

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