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October 16, 2008



You're making sense - which means no one with any pull in this town will listen to you.

Is it something in the water that causes all our politicians' brains to shut down?


It certainly takes a different type of politician to put aside interests in the upper class citizens of KCMO and put emphasis on the core. Let's face it, these aren't the people who are making major campaign contributions.

I'll also note, that this problem isn't soley on our city leaders to fix. We're going to need help from the business, private and religious community as well if we're truly going to make this happen.

Four more people were murdered in KCMO last night -- just hours after this post was written. We're well past the point where this problem can be ignored.

Bill Drummond

Broke is an apt description of the situation.
I lay much of this reality to the previous City Council- AND Mayor Barnes. They conspired to make a "Downtown Renaissance", by diverting the money and resources that would address this no-jobs/ no-money/ no-hope situation.

It was bad 8 years ago- worse 4 years ago- and awful bad now.

I am not half-way about this. There are "forces of evil" out there, ( self-interested developers- and those who help them ), and they have made this murderous situation by their greed and power plays.

We do have a good man, Mayor Funkhouser, who is working to undo the harm that our previous "leaders" have brought us.



I'm not going to disagree with you on the "forces of evil" aspects of this. However, in several ways I think the previous council really paved the way for us to make this succeed. I certainly don't agree with everything that was done...but some of the things they did are going to be helpful if we're going to help solve the problem.

Bill Drummond

Yes, it is true that there are positive forces- those are "forces of decency".

And with some intelligent pro-active planning- our city could be the place that we remember it to be.
When I was a kid, KC was the place where everything exciting and colorful. Let's make it that way again!

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