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October 09, 2008



Hey, I thought Funkhouser was going to fix all of this. He's had almost two years. City that works? Anybody?


Yeah -- funny how that works. This is a way bigger problem than Funkhouser or even the city council can solve. They inherited the mess -- and it's going to take years to solve. They would all benefit by trying to figure out how to fix it instead of dealing with personal grievances at city hall. They've pretty much, as a group, spent 2/3 of their time it seems dealing with the mayor's wife or Wayne Cauthen.

We'll get into it more in the coming days. But yeah, "a city that works" isn't happening any time soon - -and certainly not at this pace. But what it's going to take fix this can't fall on the shoulders of one person or it will most certainly fail.

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