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September 19, 2008



Um, 135th and Antioch is not in Kansas City. I thought you said it was being shown in KC?


Lol -- yeah, I know. The 135th street location is far from ideal for the premiere. The original goal was to do it at the new theater downtown, but since it's not complete, they looked elsewhere. The Plaza theater's largest theater only holds about 250 people or so, so it wasn't enough to do a big premiere event, so they ventured to the Burbs for premiere party. The movie will be in most theaters around town when it opens on Friday.


This was a delightful movie, with a nice story, good acting, and beautiful scenery. I was impressed that a movie premier, complete with the stars and cast was rolled out right here in the metro area.

However I was very disappointed that no local media coverage captured this event. Really, how often does a movie premier with an after party happen in this area?

It's too bad the KC Star again missed an opportunity to provide readers with some positive news from their own area. I guess that's why I feel the Star is only useful to line my bird's cage for bird droppings.

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