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August 22, 2008



Hey, awesome that the Mayor's people got to you.

Tell them I said Hi.

Also, you're wrong about the "Mammy" comment you're being worked.

I like your blog, I just hope that all local bloggers get something for their endorsement. Don't sell it cheap. It's more valuable than you think!!!

Glad the hiatus is over!!!


Like I said, I could honestly care less about whether the bitterness toward Squitiro is warranted or not. I just know a broad, over-reaching law that encompasses thousands of potential volunteers because of a vendetta against one person is quite the over-reaction. Seems like the council, and the mayor (and his staff) could come to an adult agreement on the matter vs making a law that would affect thousands of potential volunteers and potentially millions in lost resources to the city. It all seems very childish.

I'm not an insider, nor do I have insiders/lawmakers feeding me my information. But even if the lawsuit is really the worst case scenerio, the over-reaction by the council (which is becoming typical of this council) is still overly-dramatic.

What are you getting for your endorsement?


Nice Tony. Apparently your freinemy Gottstein got you to sell out in exchange for her feeding you dirt - I guess it was worth it from your comment. But it makes you the last person to cast stones on "who got to you"...

Where's the outrage over a city council person feeding some random blogger inside information? Why don't we pass a law about that?


Once again MichelleD. You assume things of which you have no proof or evidence.

A common blogger mistake.

As for outrage over TKC. I can only pray people have better/more important things to do.

If you guys are cool with racial slurs in the Mayor's office. That says a lot about you but I wouldn't want to make that assumption about anybody without proof. Natch.


Tony, even if the Gloria Squituro thing is the worst case scenerio, and she is making blatant racial slurs in city hall (I have no reason to believe it either is or isn't true), the city council creating restrictions on all volunteerism in the city hardly seems like the appropriate response. The problem appears to be (at worst) quite limited to one person, why sanction any and all volunteers because of it? Even if it is a major problem.


There are already laws in place to deal with the racial slurs Tony. No stupid little "diversity training" class is going to keep anything from happening in the future - please explain how it is going to stop anything? Do you think Gloria wasn't aware she's not supposed to call people derogatory names? This is grandstanding on the council's part...this is no solution and just a waste of time. Talk about "better things to do..."

Don't flatter yourself - I was referring to the leaked info. Don't need much more proof than somehow you got a hold of her phone message....hmmmm.


I do want to note I don't know exactly what made it into final ord other than "pass an ordinance barring immediate family members from volunteering in either mayor or council offices".

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