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July 08, 2008



I think if we tried to jam every commuter into our inadequate transit system (even with light rail) in one day the experience would be a disaster for everyone.

A nice start might be every City or County employee for one day. See how that goes and then grow it from there.


The transit system is borderline inadequate for the current traffic...

I should have noted that in the link to the original article the city in China does their Car-Free days on Saturdays....this allows people the option of never leaving home, or spacing out their trips (so not everyone is headed downtown at 8 am). I think if they offered the equivelant of weekday service on a weekend for car-free days it would have a chance of working. I'm going to note the Saturday thing in the original post though, because you're right, Car-Free Fridays would be a nightmare.

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