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June 24, 2008



Animal Haven was barely mentioned in this article and they are suffering the brunt of all of these ridiculous pit bull ordinances. They are cleaning up the mess cities like KCMO, KCK, Independence and Overland Park are creating by criminalizing their citizens. They pass these restrictions and send the dogs over to AH to take care of. Animal Haven is well on their way to becoming a 100% NO-Kill Shelter - they're a great organization to support.

I'm a little suspect of any of the other supposed "animal welfare" organization that supports killing dogs.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Once again the Star is too lazy to do any research and provide a picture into cities that don't have MSN for certain breeds of dogs; and have successfully lowered their intake of dogs and their euthanasia stats.

Cities that focus on basics like strong enforcement of leash laws, education, and voluntary low cost spay/neuter are seeing a difference in their euthanasia numbers. And guess what it's not taking those city's a decade to achieve measurable results!!

Just A Negro In SNKC's eyes

At first, when I was told that SNKC targeted blacks to turn in to Animal Control, I thought, "how absurd"!?? Well.. Today's events have proven me dead wrong, unfortunately. After months of volunteering in order to get my facts straight, my black A** was "kicked out" of SNKC for what... Oh!! Making the "whites" mad!!
Apparently, the pit bull ordinance only applies to black people, not the whites.. And I have no right to tell the whites that they have to follow the rules, and god forbid I call Animal Control on one, but ohhhhh... Let us run across a black person with an intact pit bull. Animal control gets a fire run up their butts if they don't show immediately. I thought we were all equal? I've never seen such racism, especially from the president of a group that gets half of their funding from the city!
I really thought SNKC was different than their targeted area citizens say they are... How sad that we still have this kind of racial attitude in this day and age. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

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