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March 31, 2008



Funny, I drove by that building the other day and thought to myself - what a cool office for an ad agency or some other small business. That's sad to see.


I am so outraged I can't even see straight...what money is exchanging hands for this project? And whose hands is it going to? KCMO is dead broke and they're using our tax dollars to tear down historic buildings!?

Lance Weber

I've always liked that building as well and had the same thoughts about what a great place it would be/have been for my law office. Sad.

jase wilson

A sad, sad day for our supposed urban renaissance.


p.s. let me know if you'd like text attribution for that photo; it has a link to here but i didn't want to cite your name unless authorized. thanks for the image, and the article. good to know others are mourning this loss - a loss of a structure and a loss of opportunity.


Jase, how you handled it is great. Thanks for getting the word out.

I drove by yesterday and the building is now officially a pile of rubble. For surface parking...it's a darn shame.

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