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January 13, 2008



Good post.

I think it seems like almost all people that I know that work in the service industry, being bars and restaurants, smoke.


Thank you for the rational and well-reasoned post. It's quite possible to satisfy everyone if we can get beyond the indignation and hate on both sides of this issue and look at it reasonably.


I think the government should ban smoking in all public places.
Lets see why. Government has been in our business because they make a safer and healthy place to eat and drink. Notice how they have routine inspections so we won't die from food poisoning. They regulate the hours at which bars closes. Regulate on how old you can be to work in a restaurant or bar.
Smoking is a risk of health problems. Tony is right that Kansas City is behind, far behind the times. If they can't smoke in a bar where do you think they'll go? They just have to walk outside to smoke. Big deal.


Why would anyone do something reasonable like improve ventilation when they could just overreact like knee-jerking a**holes and impose their preferences on an entire city? X_x

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