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September 04, 2007



Why don't you email them and ask? I would but I'm lazy. I imagine if they're constructed in a way that makes them unique to anything sold en mass.


When one Canadian city offered "free" bikes, they painted them a bright yellow. It worked for a while, but eventually all were stolen. (The culprits just put a quick coat of paint on them, to disquise the telltale colour.)

And while I think a rental system (where the renter has to provide some security) is a step in a more logical direction, at the end of the day I'm left lamenting the kinds of people I live amongst. Who steals free, public bicycles, meant for all? What's worse are those who just accept that some people steal, and therefore would be unlikely to support plans like this, in the first place. It's that acceptance of criminality and lack of ethics that is more damaging to the fibre of society, than the actual crimes, in the long run. If we give up on trying to better society, and hold people to a higher standard of conduct, that can only mean things stay the same, or get worse.

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