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September 04, 2007



I think there is a simpler explanation. It's yet another way for suburbs to discourage working class and low-income people from living there. It sends the message that plumbers, carpenter, construction workers, etc. are not welcome in Overland Park.

It's especially bad when you consider the other policies like that drive up housing costs - such as zoning laws, requiring wood shingle roofs, large lot sizes, etc. It's a way of redlining people based on income.


Oh yeah, that's exactly their goal...and as a society, we've decided that legislating against a relatively small group of people for no reason is ok...and sadly, we even encourage it.

There's no doubt that a lot of the large lot sizes/shingles/etc stuff that happens is to keep lower income people out -- but the vast majority of that type of thing comes from Home Owners Associations -- which can basically get by with ANYTHING -- including excluding sexual predators, felons, etc.

It's just really sad when we as a society will allow/encourage them to do it at a city level.

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