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August 29, 2007



You are exactly right! I was there, and have never seen anything like this. I was very disappointed by the news coverage because it implied that dog park supporters were just mad because we didn't get our way, when the reality is that we were extremely upset mainly because we were arrogantly denied the right to speak at a PUBLIC forum. And because this thing was rammed through in a secret back-room deal, which Mayor Funkhouser promised to put an end to. And yet these are the people he appointed.
It's okay to lose if you get a fair shake. But this was an utter corruption of the democratic process, and the TV news did not give the full story.
That's why people should e-mail mayor@kcmo.org and let the man who appointed these elitist-behaving park board members know how you feel. Also, CALL your city council members and ask them to tell the mayor their constituents are NOT happy!

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