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July 17, 2007



Your wrong. go downtown every week.

KC Sponge

I will admit that I am definitely one to look at blogs to find out what news I am interested in reading. I don't have time to read through the whole paper - nor do I feel like I want to waste my clean fingers looking for the stuff I am interested in. I will never be the blog that one reads to find out what's going on - but I am glad they are out there to incite me to look further into things that interest me and make a difference in my life. (Yours is one of those . . . thanks.) It is the new way to get news - and however dangerous and uncontrollable it seems - it's personalized and focused and un-encumbered. It will be interesting to watch this unfold . . .


"As newspapers continue to cut staffing"
I cancel my subscription to the Star because I know of two stories which was printed and it was an out right lie. This happened a couple of years ago. I emailed the editor, nothing happened. I know of another person who cancelled their subscription because of a false story. KC Star keeps falsifying their stories and they wonder why some people get sick of the crap they print.
They need to do reconstruction thru out the company.



I cut mine a little over a year ago after their inability to accurately cover two different stories...I figured that I knew what happened in both of them, and if that was as close to the truth as they could come up with, I didn't want to be tainted on things I didn't know much about. There are still a couple of good reporters down there, but they're the outlyers now.

The Star's demise can be tracked to being bought by Knight Ridder...which then moved Art Brisbain from the Editor's Desk into a corporate office. That was a sad day for KC...Art was one of the best. It's been a pretty steep decline since then...and McClatchy has made things worse, not better.

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