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July 31, 2007



What my dear hubby forgot to mention is that I got solicited on the way to get our food. When they saw my two pit bulls they decided to go on their merry way.


Have you yourself been to Exquisite Cuisine?

It smelled/looked great when we were there for the HP mtg. a few weeks ago, and I've been planning on hopping over there for a sammich.


I've not yet been to Exquisite Cuisine...we're hoping to take it in in the coming weeks. It did smell fabulous at the Hyde Park Meeting when we were there...nothing that smells that good could be not tasty. But I've yet to take it in...


Troost has always been an unpleasant area. Good luck on your walk abouts.


Troost is apparently another area that doesn't have enough parking for thePaintman.

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