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June 24, 2007



The definition of blogging is fairly loose, so there's nothing preventing a blog from being a journalistic endeavor. Rather than publish once a day, you can use a blog to do quick updates. And while blog entries tend to be more informal, unedited, and less rigorously fact-checked than news reports, they don't have to be.

Bloggers can be journalists, and newspapers can add news blogs to their toolbag. I just hope they don't see this as a way to layoff reporters (we'll just replace them with bloggers). Building trust with your audience takes the same skills whether you're a blogger or a journalist, and writers of all stripes deserve to be compensated.


bloggers are simply picking up where traditional media outlets have faltered: being the watchdog for good and transparent government.

as a blogger with a journalism degree, i don't find it all that different... i just set my own schedule and don't have to worry about an editor or publisher messing with my content.


hey disco Dave, why did you ban me from your site? I can't agree with what you say in your blog even though your wrong.

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