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April 24, 2007


carl larabee

You are gracious to a fault.Downtowns across the US excluding only a handfull of states,
have been booming in recent years. Excess money from private investment,pension funds,reits,public entities to name a few,have been seeking returns in a time of low return on investment aka a strong economy. Which is why MANY of the TIFS granted were uncessary. Irresponsible is the least offensive word I can aptly use to describe the honorable Mayor living in blighted briarcliff



I don't disagree. However, I do think that overall Kansas City suffered from an attitude of "we can't do that here" and "it won't work here". You can still see all kinds of signs of it. For example, light rail has worked in pretty much every city in the country that has implemented it -- but because Kansas City is "so different" from other areas of the country, and "married to our cars" (which is no different than 99% of the other areas in the country) that many say it won't work here.

Kay very much allowed us to see that we can accomplish things here and things that "won't work here" do.

Did she over-use TIF and developer handouts? Absolutely. To a point that was almost criminal. But she allowed us to see that some good things can work here...and that's something.

carl larabee

Brent, I think a lot of the current chaos at City Hall, owes to the ongoing clash between the former Mayor, her special interest supporters, and the new Mayor's opposition to the former's patronage form of KC Gov. Let's not forget the previous administration's TIF giveaways, special land deals, and the credit/debt incurred by we citizens on behalf of private developers. Now adding to our new Mayor's burdens,a recently slumbering, "pro-Kay-all day" City Newspaper editorial board, and a looming financial crisis produced by the prior administration. And so, will the new Mayor overcome these obstacles amid his total lack of political skills? I believe we, in KC are living a 21st Century version of "Mr. Smith goes to Washington". Starring the new Mayor as Mr. Smith!!

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