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April 01, 2007




Thank you for your support. The people you saw at City Market this weekend are all fantastic performers and I don't want to see their voices silenced. (did you see the dark haired juggler squeeze his body through a tennis racket? It's pretty amazing)
The city market performers have copies of the petition for anyone interested in signing, as do several others across town. I've posted a list of other places that performers will be (weather permitting of course) during the next few days. It's on the sidebar at www.kcstreetart.com If anyone is interested in signing they can find a performer or email me at stacey(at)kcstreetart.com. I'll find someone who can meet them.


I wanted to share another bit of information on the petition.

According to the city code/charter we have 10 days to file an intent to seek referendum. Except we don't. The 10th day ALWAYS falls on Sunday, so you only have 8 days.

We'll be fine, but it really burns me up that they don't just say the truth. It could catch someone off guard.

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