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March 07, 2007



Public transit is simple in theory but not so much in practice...if it was they would have started re-installing the trolley tracks/light rail, etc years ago.

I do completely agree with you otherwise ;-)


It's all a matter of priorities...and as a populace, we don't make public transit -- which has a greater benefit for the poor, a priority. If we did, we would have spent any of the billions of dollars that this city has "invested" in widening I-35 in Johnson County into a light rail line that ran along that route that could be used by the poor (hooking it into Union Station where the tracks already run). Unfortunately, as a society, we'd rather widen the roads to take the burden off of us, in our own, private automobiles, than look out for the greater good. Things that are a priority are often fairly easy to accomplish...unfortunately, making things a priority that should be, is sometimes very hard.

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