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August 07, 2006


KC Corrupts animal welfare groups now?

Silence is something we all have to face in our day to day lives, choosing to be silent with a disagreeable person, a bad situation, or an irate customer. When I learned that an animal rescue group- one that declares that they fight for animal rights- was actually involved in a dogfighting cover-up, I was appalled. Apparently, the city and the mayor were advised of a large drug ring and dogfighting ring here in Kansas City, and SNKC was involved in finding it. The city threatened SNKC to either be silent or "else". I assume that means they would pull some funding. Surprisingly, SNKC went along with it, thus interferring with the dogfighters being investigated by refusing to cooperate. All for a few dollars. How pathetic.


KC Corrupts - will you please email info@kcdogadvocates.org? We'd like to talk to you about these situations.

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