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September 29, 2016



It costs more than just Florissant tax payers. "pit bulls confiscated by Florissant thanks to its breed-specific ban have been transferred to St. Louis County" they move the burden to an already stressed shelter... and that's just the pit bulls. Not to mention their shelter was barred from doing adoptions by MOAG a few years back. There's a deeper story here.


"so many white, middle class residents began to leave Florissant." I totally missed this. You point out Ferguson, which isn't the biggest sign that BSL is racially based. Florissant is just west of Spanish Lake with only Black Jack (has BSL) and unincorporated county (no BSL). Why is Spanish Lake important to understanding BSL and zoning restrictions on apartments as well as other laws? Well, this explains it and is well worth the watch.


correction "Florissant is just west of Spanish Lake with only Black Jack (has BSL) and unincorporated county (no BSL) between Spanish Lake and Florissant."

sorry I need an edit button. :-)

Cheryl Huerta

Thanks for this Brent. I've been supporting and helping as much as possible, through a Facebook group created by the group, a group of people working to end this ban in Florissant. I have to say that the people I have gotten to know have remained calm and rational in their attendance in the council meetings and their correspondence. It's so sad that so many choose to believe propaganda and DBO (which is nothing but propaganda) who are in places of power.

Just read this morning that the mayor of Montreal, where as you likely know they just implemented a pit bull ban, literally said as if it were a true fact that bullets bounce off of pit bulls heads. I can't understand why the public can't demand that those in power be better educated on things like this that effect so many people but mostly that effect so many dogs and is likely to mean the death of many innocent dogs.

It's beyond my understanding but that doesn't mean I'll stop working with anyone I can that lives anywhere to end BSL and to implement comprehensive non-breed specific dangerous dog laws that hold human beings accountable for the behavior and actions of their dogs.

Cheryl Huerta

In regard to the racial bias aspect of BSL, if you haven't read Bronwen Dickey's recently released book Pit Bull; Battle Over and American Icon then you should. It's very apparent that here in the U.S. and in the UK the racial profile of pit bull owners has most certainly been a factor in the creation and implementation of breed specific legislation that targets pit bulls.

Cheryl Huerta

Correction; it wasn't the major of Montreal but the mayor of Kitchner who made the statement about bullets bouncing off of pit bulls heads...

Sorry about that.

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