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July 20, 2016


Cheryl Huerta

BRAVO Brent!!! I think more and more animal welfare organizations are recognizing that compassion, understanding and assistance works much better for neglect cases than seizing the animal and fining or jailing the owner. Helping, when an owner will cooperate and make the necessary improvements I hope will soon become the status quo for all animal welfare and control organizations.

We see it all the time in social media where a shelter or rescue vilifies a current or former dog owner for what they feel is abuse which is more often than not simply neglect. We don't know what we don't know and since animals don't come with care instructions or operations and maintenance manuals some people out there just don't know that what they are doing is neglectful. While holding all animal owners up to a decent and higher standard is a good thing we've got to stop making them sound like heartless, uncaring monsters when they neglect their dogs through ignorance or just not knowing the right thing to do.

I dare say that many more lives could be saved if shelters and rescues chose to assist, without judgment, as opposed to what so many do today which is to take the animal and then go on social media criticizing the former owner for their neglect and far too many, for my liking, doing it in a most hateful and damaging way.

There are organizations today, like the 'Pets for Life' program, that have adopted this mindset and are helping people learn how to be better dog owners as well as supporting them in their effort with goods and services. I have a feeling that the cost of 'helping' is much less than the cost of seizing a dog, housing it, vetting it, getting it adopted and/or euthanizing it when it doesn't get adopted. Perspective is so critical in helping make things better for animals and the people who have them and simply judging and punishing people is not the answer.



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