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May 03, 2016



The whole thing is maddening...


Disgusting. People like that do not deserve to be in any place of power. He should be removed!

Mindy D Eddleman

How is it that ONE person has the ability to halt this entire process when majority so clearly rules?

Carole Clark

I heard that there is a petition in Jeff City to try and change BSL in Independence Missouri. Can anyone verify this? If not I would like to start one, how many signatures do we need? Also, there are too many people in the City of Independence who believe they don't do anything if you get caught with a Pit, or anything resembling a Pit. Well let me tell you YES they do, I had to relocate mine, and have to sale my house because of this BSL law. Because I will NOT give up my APBT. by the way she did nothing, guy probably never even saw her due to my privacy fence, but the GUY, a neighbor who knows my family got mad about having to pay for a tree to be removed that came down during storm and landed in my driveway. BSL in Independence MO went into effect in 2006 its time to change it !!!!!

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