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May 09, 2016


pitbull friend

Thanks, Brent! I can't wait to get my hands on it. Also, Ms. Dickey will be on the syndicated NPR show "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" tomorrow night.

Kim Krohn

Gold chains? Seriously? That's as 80s as BSL itself. It makes me think of the movie "I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka" where the guy died of "gold chain disease".

My copy arrives tomorrow. "People like YOU". That's always my favorite.


Kim, I'd never heard the racism/classism as blatant as it was last night. Usually those comments are reserved for private conversations - this was in the middle of the council meeting. All while staring directly at me.

Cheryl Huerta

I'm currently listening to an audio book of Jim Gorant's 'The Lost Dogs' about the Michael Vick dogs and this one will be next on my list.

The more truthful light we can shed on pit bulls and what kind of people own them the less darkness will permeate all things to do with these dogs.


Agreed. I loved Jim Gorant's book...extremely well-written. There were a few sections of that book that were really tough to read...I think they'd be exceptionally painful to listen to on audiobook.

Jen Brighton

I'm always surprised at what's truly lurking in people's heads. I'm used to being called a "sociopath" who owns "useless meat grinder dogs," (that was last week) when I post on news articles, which I'm trying to refrain from doing as it seems pointless these days, but for people to verbalize this sort of crap at council meetings is uncalled for. This is a huge part of what's wrong with humans. Unlike dogs, they stereotype and judge, for no other reason than they think they are superior to others and have no empathy or understanding of circumstances.

My copy of the book is waiting for me at my local bookstore. Just need to get across town to pick it up. Can't wait. Thanks for the link to Retrieverman's post about the book. He's one of my favorite bloggers.


Great share, always enjoy reading your blog.

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