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« Baldwin City, KS repeals ban on pit bulls - the changing landscape of BSL in Kansas | Main | Missouri HB 1811 - the status (as of now) »

April 25, 2016


Lisa Marcum

Hallelujah!!! Sanity and logic slowly return k

Kim Krohn

this is fabulous news!

Kim Cunningham

This is wonderful. Working on getting our ordinance repealed here in Salina, KS. Congratulations, Shawnee. Feel free to help by contact our city manager and city commissioners... We could so use the help.


I moved to California 8 years ago due to the ban on pitbulls. I loved my pitbull so much I would do anything to protect her. Perhaps I will return back home with my precious Pitty in tow!


I have been fighting with the city council trying to get them to repeal the city ordinance... it's been a task. If anyone has any info, facts, anything to help me that'd be greatry appreciated!

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