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October 16, 2015


Cheryl Huerta


If you were here I'd kiss you square on the lips and give you a big ol' hug Brent. This is what I try to tell people in the animal welfare community about people who surrender their pets. It's very easy to judge and to spread one's judgment all over social media HOWEVER that judgment has never saved a dog, got a dog adopted, helped a dog owner keep their dog or has ever done anything POSITIVE in any way, shape or form for dogs/animals. What DOES work however are programs designed to HELP people who feel that surrendering their pet to a shelter is their only option and is the only option for the pet.

Sing it loud and clear my friend. At least one of us out here is singing your song!!!


Thank you, thank you. As a former Beagle/hound rescue and now a foster home, I mightily strive to not judge those who give up their pets - simply because I once did, too, seeing no other recourse at the time. Here is a link to a newspaper blog I write, talking about a terrible decision a man made to give up his hound girls, of whom he dreamed for years...but illness and disability took his dream from him. Despite being on disability and not having asked for any donation from him at all, on occasion, out of his pittance, he would send me a small check "for his girls."

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