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August 18, 2015



Thoughts only, no numbers. Our local Lost and Found Facebook page (run by volunteers with no affiliation to either animal control or the humane society)appears to post more lost/found pets during the July 4th holidays. I can understand the range of dates since we have folks (idiots) starting with fireworks before the 4th and continuing afterward. I also think that your ideas about animals hiding or people trying on their own to find/reunite animals is probably reasonable. I'd really like to see the FACTS about the black cats and pits, too.

Kathy Pobloskie

Thanks Brent for this post because you have put some thought into it and taken into account some of the variables that occur. I thought I would check our Wisconsin numbers for 5 different timeframes and I think the results are interesting. Of course, dogs scared by fireworks often do not end up in shelters, especially at first, because they often hunker down and hide for several days. These are the number of lost and found dogs reported to our organization, Lost Dogs of Wisconsin during 4 different weeks this summer. We are a young organization and many people still do not know about us and may not file a report with us for several days after they have lost or found a dog. But our numbers while trending upwards as we become more well known, tend to stay pretty consistent. Except for the week of the July 4th weekend which has consistently shown a large increase, during each of the 5 years we have been in existence.
Jun 25 - July 1 : 70
July 2 - July 8 : 135
July 9 - July 15: 87
July 16 - July 22: 89
July 30 - August 5: 70

Susan Taney

These are the number of lost and found dogs reported to Lost Dogs Illinois during the same time frame as Lost Dogs of Wisconsin. We have also experienced the same pattern.

June 25 - July 1: 194
July 2 - July 8 : 288
July 9 - July 15: 214
July 16 - July 22: 167
July 23 - July 29 : 120

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