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December 20, 2014


Mina Smith

"communities are clearly realizing that aggressive dogs are not a breed-specific trait" - Because ~Science~ ... which Lefties usually love but only suspended so they could punish dogs for the behavior of the people who owned them.

Now if you could just find a way to shut up that Clifton Merritt asshole & his ignorant abuse of statistics to fit his punitive obsessions.

Karen Batchelor

Don't worry Mina, Merritt Clifton's day is coming.

He has been challenged over his agenda and asked to provide the raw data for his claims time and again and refused and has now been caught on tape claiming to have over 100 articles published in peer reviewed journals while a serious look see by Douglas Anthony Cooper (author/journalist) found ONE.

Have a laugh here:

and here:


hear, hear, for Kennett - a small town close to Cape and with whom I've worked in the past.

Eric Blaise

This is great information and a definite must-read for people who are still skeptical about pit bulls. Despite all the attacks that have been reported recently in the news, pit bulls are inherently as dangerous as any other dog breed. It all depends on the way they were raised. Aside from Montana, other states like Utah just recently lifted their bans on pit bulls, and talking about pit bulls did you know there is more than one breed of pit bull? food for thought.

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