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December 27, 2014


Stacy Williams

This is my hometown. I still reside here and I've been fighting this ordinance since it's inception. In all fairness the news station failed to get the whole story. This dog IS being returned to the owner next week. Animal Control scheduled him to be neutered before they would release him. He's getting neutered at the clinic where I work and it's been paid in full. This woman will also incur no fines for his time at AC. However, if we didn't have this ordinance it would have been a NON ISSUE.


I certainly agree with your point about the SD/TD/CD issue. A service dog is clearly defined in the ADA as one that performs specific tasks for its disabled owner. And towns that try to enforce a breed ban on a service dog ALWAYS LOSE (as far as I know, anyway) because the law is so very clear.

But yes, the cruelty of taking a dog for no reason other than its appearance goes beyond whether the dog is "needed" under the ADA... and this incident makes it crystal clear. Kudo's to the folks like Stacy who are fighting to change the law


vehemently. not viamently.


I had a job interview at Missouri State University last summer. Being a pit bull owner I did my research and found the city's ordinance prior to my interview. On my interview, I discussed this one issue that would keep me from accepting the job and if commuting from a neighboring county without BSL might be an option. I couldn't have felt more stigmatized. Several of the people I was interviewing with looked at me like I had four heads. One even said flat out I would never allow my family around that kind of dog. Needless to say, I wasn't offered the position. But then again, I didn't really expect to be.

Karen Batchelor

Perhaps anonymous would like to volunteer to be your proof reader Brent!

Thanks again for another well-researched article on this very important issue.

Frog it

Laws protect people from being banned based on race, so why do people think it is ok to ban a dog based on breed? Dogs deserve to be judged based on behavior, just like people.

E Duffy

Please NOTE....The dog was NOT seized due to breed! The POLICE dept asked for assistance of animal control as the woman was being hospitalized against her will in a mental facility!
The police dept does the same with any traffic stop where the owner is arrested or hospitalized regardless of breed!


E Duffy, yes, upon reading other reports it does appear as if the dog wasn't seized due to breed. However, it appears that the city's breed-specific policies are the reason for the delay in the owner getting her dog back.

Megan Turvold

Either way the bsl is wasting tax payers money and killing animals for their breed if thats not discrimination i dont know what it. And for the guy to not get the job he was applying for whether he wanted it or not because he had a nully or pitbull breed is discrimination upon the dogs owner for having that breed.The bsl needs to be dropped everywhere acrossed the country not just in missouri. Its not the breed that is vicious, its one dog out of how many??? That is vicious and over half the time these incidents occur is because of how the oqner of that dog has treated them or raised them or allowed others to treat them.

Lisa Lawstudent

And this in the state where public demonstrations are happening RIGHT NOW over claims of discrimination...

Whether you agree or not, it's certainly difficult to ignore the irony, isn't it?

Noah Webster`

E Duffy your comments are oxymorons in action.the dog (property) was illegally seized. Period -- the Police calling animal control is a ruse its like seizing your car because it has a flat tire on a street. If some one reviews Federal and State mental health laws its likely this persons rights were violated thru seizng of property and failure to provide legal aid. THe fact that her dog was forecablely mutilated by the State is a cause of action in and of itsself. Castration and forecaable drugging is abuse and mutalation.

Noah Webster`

E Duffy in my previous comment, for those who donot know how police work the car with falt tire would be towed to a wrecker yard and assessed towing fees and storage while the person (driver ) is in hospital yep the Police did nothing - right? Except they are the ones that called the wrecker (animal control) and authorized the towing. Now to get the personal property back that was inside of the car, what happens.? What peopole donot know/understand is that mental health committment laws are not codified under Criminal acts and mental illness is not a crime even if police treat it as so. The STATE doesnt have a right to seize your property without due process and then dismember it as a condition to get it back.


was captain returned to her yes or no???


Yes Carla.

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