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December 12, 2014



Very nicely written. What a sad situation for the animals in KC, KS. What's even more sad is the city government could care less about making the community a better place to live for people and animals. And, a shelter that doesn't allow adoptions? Horrible.


I think the names and vote should be published and then republished when election time comes for these people


I agree with Lisa. Their names and how they voted should be public record. AND published for the citizens of KC, KS. especially around election time. They have a right to make an informed decision when it comes to putting these people back into office or NOT!


Here are the council members and their votes:

Supported Keeping the Pit Bull Ban

Hal Walker
Jim Walters
Gayle Townsend
Tarence Maddox (it's worth noting that Mr. Maddox was conflicted and knows pit bulls are not aggressive but is close to the McConnell family and I think he really struggled with his decision)

Supported Repeal:

Ann Murguia
Mike Kane
Angela Markley
Jane Philbrook

Council Member Brian McKiernan was absent
Because his vote would not have made the difference, Mayor Holland abstained.

Casey McClain

A KCK resident was informed by the mayors office that they would be revisiting this issue in April. Any idea if this is true?


Casey -- I know there are talks about revisiting the issue in April.


It's too bad it ended this way. Victims should never be involved in the legislative process, in my opinion. They are usually too emotionally invested to look at things objectively.

It's also too bad that in keeping a ridiculous ban on a shape of dog - regardless of owner behaviour - they will reduce potential licensing revenue thereby starving animal control for resources.

While nobody has the perfect animal control regulations, Calgary comes pretty close. I wish every municipality in Canada would copy their bylaw, maybe tweaking it here and there to suit local conditions.

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